Pascal Analyzer


The Pascal Analyzer action enables you to analyze your Pascal source code using Peganza Pascal Analyzer.




Select the main file to be analyzed, this can be a Pascal Analyzer project file (.PAP), or Delphi source file (.DPR, .DPK, .PAS), and optionally select the scope of the analysis, and the Embarcadero compiler version you are using.


Make sure that you have configured the location of PALCMD.EXE (the Pascal Analyzer command-line utility), and set other default options via Tools | Options | Source Code Tools | Pascal Analyzer. Other settings such as style and destination of output, and which reports will be included are read from the Pascal Analyzer configuration file which can be configured via the GUI version of Pascal Analyzer (PAL.EXE).


What is Pascal Analyzer


Pascal Analyzer, or PAL for short, is a utility program that analyzes, documents, debugs, and helps you optimize your source code. It will help you better understand your code and support you in producing code of higher quality, consistency, and reliability. PAL quickly pays itself back in easier maintenance, less errors and improved quality, not only during development, but also throughout the entire life cycle of your code.


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How to use PALCMD.EXE


The FinalBuilder Pascal Analyzer plugin uses the standalone command-line version PALCMD.EXE. PALCMD.EXE uses the same engine as the GUI version PAL.EXE and produces the same output.