PDF Insert Text


[FinalBuilder Professional Edition]


The PDF Insert Text action will add HTML formatted text to a PDF file at the specified X, Y location.




Source File - specify the source PDF file


Output PDF File - specify the new PDF file if not editing the source file


Edit Source File - all changes made will be written back to the source file


X, Y Location - specify the location to insert the text.  The location is the x, y co-ordinates measured from the top left hand corner of the page.  The X, Y values must be a valid integer or floating point number.


Page Range - specify the page range to write the text to.  The format is <page number> or <page start>-<page end>.  If left blank, page 1 will be assumed.  To specify all pages after the specified page, leave the <page end> blank, eg. 1- specifies all pages.  Some examples are: "3" - just write to page 3.  "2-45" - write to pages 2 to 45 inclusive.  "5-" - write to all pages from 5 until the end of the document.


HTML Formatted Text - specify the text to write out formatted using HTML.  The HTML tags supported are:

Bold        <b>....</b>

Italic        <i>....</i>

Underlined        <u>....</u>