Perforce Add Files


This action allows you to open files in a workspace for addition to the depot.

p4 command: add

"p4 add opens files within the client workspace for addition to the depot. The specified file(s) are linked to a changelist; the files are not actually added to the depot until the changelist is sent to the server with p4 submit. The added files must either not already exist in the depot, or exist in the depot but be marked as deleted at the head revision."

Add Items

Use the controls provided to specify the items to be added.


Add Files To Default Changelist: Files are linked to the default changelist.

Add Files To Specified Changelist: Files are linked to the specified changelist.

Add file(s) as: Specify the file type for the items being added. This overrides Perforce's default file type detection mechanism.

Force Inclusion of Wildcards in Filenames: Forces literal interpretation of characters that are generally used as wildcards (i.e. @, #, * and %).

Preview files to be added (files not actually added): Files are not actually added and metadata is not changed, simply a preview of which files would be added given the current parameters.

Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options