Perforce Create Changelist


This action allows you to create a changelist in your Perforce depot.


p4 command: change


"When files are opened with p4 add, p4 delete, p4 edit, or p4 integrate, the files are listed in a changelist. Edits to the files are kept in the local client workspace until the changelist is sent to the depot with p4 submit. By default, files are opened within the default changelist, but multiple changelists can be created and edited with the p4 change command."




Create new changelist: specify the FinalBuilder variable which will be set to the new changelist number given by Perforce when the action finishes running.


Specify Changelist #: if you want to update the values/files/description of an existing changelist, then specify the changelist number


Changelist Description: Textual description of changelist. The description cannot be changed after submission, except by the Perforce superuser.


Use Files in default Changelist: Specify this option to add all files in the default changelist to the new changelist


Specify files for Changelist: The list of files being submitted in this changelist.


Jobs: A list of jobs that are fixed by this changelist. The list of jobs that appears when the form is first displayed is controlled by the p4 user form's JobView: setting.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options