Perforce Create Label


This action allows you to create a label in your Perforce depot.


p4 command: label


"Create or edit a label specification and its view. Running p4 label allows you to configure the mapping that controls the set of files that are allowed to be included in the label. After configuring the label, use p4 labelsync or p4 tag to tag files with the label."




Label name: The name of the label


Owner: The label's owner. By default, the user who created the label. Only the owner of a label may update what files are tagged with the label.


Description: An optional description of the label's purpose.


Views: A list of depot files that can be tagged with this label. No files are actually tagged until p4 labelsync is invoked. Unlike client views or branch views, which map one set of files to another, label views consist of a simple list of depot files.


Locked: If the label is locked, the list of files tagged with the label cannot be changed with p4 labelsync.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options




If you specify an existing label name, then the label will be updated with all of the specified values.  If you only want to update some of the fields, use the Perforce Update Label action.