Perforce Generic


This action allows you to run other p4 command that do not have specific FinalBuilder actions.


Perforce Command: either specify or select the Perforce command to run (eg. add, client, have, jobs, etc).  Press the "Load" button to load the combo box with the available Perforce commands.  Press the "Get Help" button to load the Perforce help for the selected command.


Command Line Arguments: specify the various command line arguments to send to p4.  This field accepts FinalBuilder variables, eg. -c %ChangeListNum%


Redirect file from STDIN: many Perforce command allow you to specify a -i parameter which means the input for the command can come from a file rather than Perforce launching a text editor with a text file that you need to fill out.  Obviously launching a text editor in an automated build process is not ideal, so use this parameter to make your build process require no user interaction.  The file needs to be in a specific format for each command.


Error Strings: specify errors strings which FinalBuilder will search for in the output of the Perforce command to determine if the action should succeed or fail.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options