Perforce Labelsync


This action allows you to sync a label in your local Perforce workspace.


p4 command: labelsync


"Synchronize a label with the contents of the current client workspace.  p4 labelsync causes the named label to reflect the current contents of the client workspace by tagging the last revision of each file synced into the workspace with the label name. The label name can subsequently be used in a revision specification as @label to refer to the revision of the file that was tagged with the label."




Label name: The name of the label to sync


Label deleted depot files (-a) : Add the label to files that match the file pattern arguments, even if some of the files being labeled are deleted at their head revision.


Delete the label tag from the named files (-d) : Delete the label tag from the named files.


Do not capture output: Setting this option will prevent FinalBuilder from capturing the output of the p4 command.  If you are doing a large labelsync, then this can speed up the process significantly.


Depot Files: specify files to sync using the standard Perforce depot syntax (eg. //depot/folder/.../*.txt)


Override Start in Directory: use this option to specify a different directory from where p4 is run from


Revision: specifies the revision of the files to sync.  In each instance except the head revision, file revision modifiers are appended to the file specifiers

 Head Revision - The latest version of the file

 Revision Number (#<revision number>) - The nth revision of a file.

 Label (@<labelname>) -The revision of file in the label labelname.

 Change Number (@<change number>) - The revision of file immediately after changelist n was submitted.

 Date/Time (@<datetime>) - The revision of file at the date and time specified.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options


Notes on usage:


If you do not specify any depot files, then labelsync causes the label to reflect the contents of the client workspace by adding, deleting, and updating the set of files tagged with the label.
If a file is given, labelsync updates the tag for only that named file. If the file argument includes a revision specification, then that revision is used instead of the revision existing in the workspace. If the file argument includes a revision range, then only the highest revision in that range is used.
Only the Owner of an unlocked label may use labelsync to tag files with that label.
A label that is set to locked cannot be updated with labelsync.