Perforce open for Edit


This action allows you to open files for editing from your Perforce depot.


p4 command: edit


"Opens file(s) in a client workspace for edit.  The specified file(s) are linked to a changelist, but the files are not actually changed in the depot until the changelist is sent to the server by p4 submit."




Depot Files: specify files to open using the standard Perforce depot syntax (eg. //depot/folder/.../*.txt)


Override Start in Directory: use this option to specify a different directory from where p4 is run from


Changelist number (-c) : Opens the files for edit within the specified changelist. If this flag is not provided, the files are linked to the default changelist.


Filetype (-t) : Stores the new file revision as the specified type, overriding the file type of the previous revision of the same file.


Modifiers: apply certain file type modifiers to the files


 File always writeable (+w)

 Old style keyword expansion (+ko) : Expands only the $Id$ and $Header$ keywords

 Exclusive open (+l): If set, only one user at a time will be able to open a file for editing.

 Store deltas (+D) : Default server storage mechanism for text files.

 Store only head revision (+S) : Older revisions are purged from the depot upon submission of new revisions. Useful for executable or .obj files.

 Executable file (+x) : Used for executable files.

 RCS keyword expansion (+k) : Expands RCS (Revision Control System) keywords.

 Store full version compressed (+C) : Default server storage mechanism for binary files.

 Store full version uncompressed (+F) : Useful for large binaries, or for long ASCII files that aren't read by users as text, such as PostScript files.

 Preserve local timestamp (+m) : The file's timestamp on the local file system is preserved upon submission and restored upon sync. Useful for third-party DLLs in Windows environments.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options