Perforce Options



Specify the global options for all the Perforce actions.


P4.EXE Location: FinalBuilder attempts to detect where Perforce is installed, if this doesn't succeed then specify where FinalBuilder will find P4.exe


Client name (g-opts: -c) : Overrides any P4CLIENT setting with the specified client name.


Hostname (g-opts: -H) : Overrides any P4HOST setting and replaces it with the specified hostname.


Port (g-opts: -p) : Overrides any P4PORT setting with the specified port number.


Username (g-opts: -u) : Overrides any P4USER, USER, or USERNAME setting with the specified user name.


Password (g-opts: -P) : Overrides any P4PASSWD setting with the specified password.


Current Working Directory (g-opts: -d) : Overrides any PWD setting (i.e. current working directory) and replaces it with the specified directory.



It is advised not to use Perforce environment variables in the various Perforce fields (in Perforce options or in the Perforce actions).  Instead, define your own FinalBuilder variables and set them to the required values.
These global options (except for the p4.exe location) can be overridden in each Perforce action