Perforce Revert


This action allows you to revert changes made to open files.


p4 command: revert


"Discard changes made to open files.  Use p4 revert to discard changes made to open files, reverting them to the revisions last p4 synced from the depot. This command also removes the reverted files from the pending changelists with which they're associated."




Changelist (-c) : Reverts only those files in the specified changelist.


Only revert unchanged files (-a): Revert only those files that haven't changed (in terms of content or filetype) since they were opened.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options


Usage Notes:

When you revert files you opened with p4 delete, the files are reinstated in the client workspace.
When you revert files that have been opened by p4 add, Perforce leaves the client workspace files intact.
When you revert files you've opened with p4 integrate, Perforce removes the files from the client workspace.