Perforce Submit


This action allows you to submit files to your Perforce depot.


p4 command: submit


"Send changes made to open files to the depot. When a file has been opened by p4 add, p4 edit, p4 delete, or p4 integrate, the file is listed in a changelist. The user's changes to the file are made only within in the client workspace copy until the changelist is sent to the depot with p4 submit."




Submit files in the default changelist: By default files are opened in the default changelist - this option will submit any files in the default changelist.  Optionally specify a filespec to only submit files which match this filespec.


Submit specified changelist number: Does just this.  Changelists are assigned numbers either manually by the user with p4 change, or automatically by Perforce when submission of the default changelist fails.


Reopen files for edit (-r) : Reopen files for edit in the default changelist after submission. Files opened for add or edit in will remain open after the submit has completed.


Description: Textual description of changelist (required)


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options