Perforce Sync


This action allows you to sync files from your Perforce depot.


p4 command: sync


"Copy files from the depot into the workspace. p4 sync brings the client workspace into sync with the depot by copying files matching its file pattern arguments from the depot to the client workspace. When no file patterns are specified on the command line, p4 sync copies a particular depot file only if it is visible through the client view, not opened, and not already in the client workspace at it's latest revision"




Depot Files: specify files to sync using the standard Perforce depot syntax (eg. //depot/folder/.../*.txt)


Override Start in Directory: use this option to specify a different directory from where p4 is run from


Force Sync (-f) : Perforce performs the sync even if the client workspace already has the file at the specified revision. If the file is writable, it is overwritten.


Fail if no files synced: This option will fail the action if Perforce returns the message "file(s) up-to-date".


Revision: specifies the revision of the files to sync.  In each instance except the head revision, file revision modifiers are appended to the file specifiers

 Head Revision - The latest version of the file

 Revision Number (#<revision number>) - The nth revision of a file.

 Label (@<labelname>) -The revision of file in the label labelname.

 Change Number (@<change number>) - The revision of file immediately after changelist n was submitted.

 Date/Time (@<datetime>) - The revision of file at the date and time specified.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options