Perforce Tag


This action allows you to tag files with a label in your Perforce depot.


p4 command: tag


"Use p4 tag to tag specified file revisions with a label. A labelname is required. If a label named labelname does not exist, it is created automatically. If the label already exists, you must be the Owner: of the label and the label must be unlocked in order for you to tag or untag files with the label."




Label Name (-l) : the label to be applied to file revisions


Delete label tag (-d) : Delete the label tag from the named files.


Depot Files:  specify files to tag using the standard Perforce depot syntax (eg. //depot/folder/.../*.txt)


Override Start in Directory: use this option to specify a different directory from where p4 is run from


Revision: specifies the revision of the files to sync.  In each instance except the head revision, file revision modifiers are appended to the file specifiers

 Head Revision - The latest version of the file

 Revision Number (#<revision number>) - The nth revision of a file.

 Label (@<labelname>) -The revision of file in the label labelname.

 Change Number (@<change number>) - The revision of file immediately after changelist n was submitted.

 Date/Time (@<datetime>) - The revision of file at the date and time specified.


Override Defaults: Override Perforce Global Options