Project Tree



The project tree displays the following information:

Project file information, such as name, location, author, notes.
All the action lists in your project
Nodes for the Project Global Script
All the project, user, system and environment variables for your project




You can do the following things in the Project Tree:


Action Lists


Add a new action list by right clicking any action list and choosing "Add Action List..."


To reorder action lists:

Press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down on an action list.
Right click an action list and select "Move Action List Up/Down".
Select an action list and click up the up or down button on the project toolbar.


Project Global Scripts


To open a Project Global Script:

Double click the node (VBScript, JavaScript, or PowerShell)
Click the toolbar button
Right click a global script node and select "Edit Global Scripts"




To add a variable, right click Variables and select "Add Variable"


To edit a variable, right click it and select "Edit Variable", or double click it.


To open the Edit Variables dialogue, select "Edit Variables" from any variable's context menu, or click the Toolbar icon.