Prompt for Variables Action



This action allows you to prompt the user for variable values at run time.  For more information on variables, including creating your own project and user variables, see here.


Note: This action should not be used unattended, as it will cause them to hang waiting for user input. By default, interactive actions are not available from the FinalBuilder console. Interactive actions cannot be used inside Async Action Groups.


For more sophisticated prompts requirements, use the Prompt For Variables (Enhanced) action.





Available Variables & Selected Variables - Move Variables from the Available Variables side to the Selected Variables side to prompt for them when the action runs


Use Default Values - fill out the variable value at runtime with the default value of the variable.  If this option is not selected, the variable value will be blank.


Prompt Text - the text that will be placed at the top of the dialog



At runtime the above configuration would cause this form to be displayed when the action executes.