PropertySet load from AssemblyInfo



The "PropertySet load from AssemblyInfo" action allows you to load the values of .NET property set from a .NET AssemblyInfo file.






AssemblyInfo File


The path to the AssemblyInfo file to load details from. Supported file formats include C#, VB.Net, Managed C++, J# and Delphi.NET.



Property Set


The name of the PropertySet to load the values into. Property sets of type ".NET Version Information" and ".NET Version Numbers" are supported. When using ".NET Version Information", both the AssemblyVersion numbers and other relevant metadata will be loaded from the AssemblyInfo file. For ".NET Version Numbers", only the AssemblyVersion numbers will be loaded.


The PropertySet must already be defined in the project, by using a PropertySet Define action.





"Fail if a complete AssemblyVersion attribute is not present"


If this option is enabled, the action will fail if it does not find a complete AssemblyVersion attribute in the AssemblyInfo file. A complete attribute contains a value of the form "a.b.c.d". Values of the form "a.b.c.*" and "a.b.*" do not count as complete.


If this option is disabled, the action will assign only those version number parts that are present in the AssemblyVersion attribute. For instance, "5.4.*" will assign MajorVersion to 5 and MinorVersion to 4, but will not assign BuildVersion or RevisionVersion.



"Fail if no properties are assigned"


If this option is enabled, the action will fail if none of the properties of the PropertySet are assigned by the action.