PVCS List Files



PVCS Get will list files in your PVCS repository.




Project DB Directory - specify the Database directory of your PVCS repository


Project Path - specify the path to the project you want to list


Entity - specify the file mask of the files you want to list.


Security - specify an alternate username/password if you want to override the default security credentials


Output listing to file - if you want PVCS to redirect to a file, then select this option and enter the filename.  Otherwise the listing will be captured in the FinalBuilder log.


Include Versioned Files in Subprojects - The "Include versioned files in subprojects" check box sets the -z flag when calling pcli.exe  In Version Manager 8.1 (and possibly other versions), the entity edit box must be set to "*" to make that work.  Using "*.*", or "*.txt" will only report the files in the listed VM project, and ignore any sub projects.