Rasdial VPN / Remote Network Connection



The Rasdial action uses rasdial.exe to connect or disconnect a dial-up network or remote network (VPN) connection, as listed in the Windows Network Connections control panel (note that the rasdial action cannot be used to enable or disable LAN or High Speed Network Connections.)




Remote Connection Name


Enter the name of the connection as it appears in the Network Connections control panel.


Choose "Connect to Remote Network" to establish a connection to the remote network and "Disconnect from Remote Network" to disconnect. Note that the action will not fail if the connection is already connected/disconnected.


Note that rasdial.exe counts the number of times a connection is established and will require an equal number of disconnections before the network connection is terminated. This means that if the network connection is already connected when the Connect action is run, Disconnect will not terminate the connection (however, a further Disconnect action will terminate it.) For reliable connecting/disconnecting, it is recommended to use a Try... Finally block.



Credentials (Optional)


Credentials can be entered here if they are not already saved in the Network Connections "Connect" dialog.


If the Credentials section is left blank and no username and password is set in the Network Connections control panel, a Connect dialog will be displayed when the action is run.