Run DOS Command


The Run DOS Command allows you to execute any native DOS command or batch file.


For executing programs (including console programs), use the Execute Program Action (unless you wish to redirect console output to a file with '>'.)








The full command to execute, including any parameters and output redirection.


Start In


The directory in which to execute the command.



Wait For Completion

Program exit code must be...

Log Output



All of these properties are identical to the Execute Program properties of the same name.


Note that for Log Output, some programs (for example, XCopy) cannot have their output captured.



  Scripting Info


  The Action properties available are :


property  StartInDir : WideString;

property  LogOutput : WordBool;

property  WaitForCompletion : WordBool;

property  ReturnCode : integer; //read only

property  HideWindow : WordBool;

property  Command : WideString;

  property EnableReturnCodeCheck : Boolean;

  property ReturnCodeComparator : TFBRunReturnCodeComparator;

  property ReturnCodeToCheck : Boolean;


These properties may be set in the BeforeAction and AfterAction script events.