Script Editor Options



To edit the FinalBuilder Scripting Options, go to Tools menu -> Options -> Scripting.




The Script Editor Options allow you to customize the script editor in FinalBuilder.


Script Language


Default Script Language - choose either VBScript, JavaScript or PowerShell as the default scripting language.


Auto Save Scripts - action script events will automatically be saved if you move to a different action


Smart Tabs - enable smart tabs if you want to have tab width values depending on upper lines


Show Line Numbers - show the line numbers column in the script editor (makes it easier to find script errors as they are reported by the line number)




Default Editor Font - choose the font to display your script code in


Size - size of the font in the script editor


Syntax Highlighting


Script Language - choose the language so you can change the colours and attributes of the various language elements


Language Element - the various language elements of the chosen language which can be changed


Background Color - choose the background colour of the selected language element


Font Color - choose the font colour of the selected language element


Attributes - select Bold and/or Italic for the selected language element