The SFTP actions in FinalBuilder provide client-side functionality for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).


The actions implement SSH File Transfer Protocol. It works over secure SSH channel and has nothing common with FTP protocol. SFTP works as a subsystem of SSHv2 protocol, i.e. SFTP negotiation flow is the following:

TCP connection is established
Secure SSH connection is established
SFTP handshake is performed over SSH channel


To add SFTP support to your project you should perform the following sequence of operations:

Add a SFTP Connect action (specify address/port, authentication parameters etc.)
Add TRY, FINALLY, and END actions.
Under the TRY action, add SFTP actions for the tasks that you need to perform (eg. SFTP Download File, SFTP List Files, etc)
Under the FINALLY action, add an SFTP Disconnect action


A simple example should look something like this: