SFTP Connect



Use the SFTP Connect action to create a connection to an SFTP server which you can then use with other SFTP actions.





Connection Name


Enter the name for the connection.  This is the name you need to choose in the other SFTP actions that will use this connection.


SFTP Server


Host name


The hostname of the SFTP server to connect to.




The port of the SFTP server to connect to.  Usually port 22.


Server Public Key & Cache public key


This is the RSA 1024 bit MD5 hash of the server key.  For SFTP, as well as using a secure transport, it validates the identity of the server against a known key.  You may either enter this key, or by turning on the Cache checkbox the key will automatically be saved in this field if the field is blank (and then used on subsequent connections to validate the server).


Keep connection alive


Turning this option on will automatically keep the connection alive by sending data to the SFTP host server at intervals specified by the Tunnel inactivity period.