SFTP List Files



Use the SFTP List Files action to list the files and directories on the SFTP server.


SFTP List Files


Remote path


Path to the directory to read on the remote SFTP server.




Specifies the mask (wildcards) to select the names. Only the names of the files and directories, that match the mask, will be returned. Note, that SFTP doesn't support name masks, so no matter what mask you specify, the whole directory will be read and then scanned for matches.


Case Sensitive


Specifies whether the mask is case-sensitive


Include Files


Specifies whether the names of the files and symlinks is returned


Include Directories


Specifies whether the names of the directories is returned


Suppress "." and ".." directories


The special directories "." and ".." will be suppressed from the listing.


Long filenames


Specify to return a long listing.  The long listing includes the permissions, size of file, ownership and other properties.


Log listing to variable


Specify a variable name to copy the listing into.