SFTP Upload Files



Use the SFTP Upload Files action to upload files that match a mask to the SFTP server.  To transfer a single file it's easier to use the SFTP Upload File action.  An alternative to the SFTP Upload Files action is the SFTP Upload FileSet action as it has more flexibility in choosing which files and the same set of files can be reused with other actions.






Local Path - Specify the local path for the source files.

Local Mask - Specify the mask to test the local files against.

Case Sensitive - Turning this on makes the local mask case sensitive.


Remote Path - Specify the destination directory.  You may specify a directory that doesn't exist and it will be created for you.  Make sure the directory is a full path (specified from the user's home directory).  The SFTP protocol doesn't have the concept of a "current directory" like FTP does.




To recursively upload files from child directories turn this flag on.


Case Conversion


To convert the filenames to either lowercase or uppercase choose the corresponding option, otherwise choose "None" to leave the filenames as-is.


Upload Mode


Select what should be done if a file already exists on the server with the same name.  Select either: Overwrite, Skip, Append, or Resume.