Signtool Verify Digital Signatures


The Verify Digital Signatures action allows you to verify digital signatures that have been applied to files.

Specify the files which you want to verify (each entry on a new line).


Set any of the following options that you want to execute:

All Methods - Use all verification methods to verify the files.
Default Catalog Database - Find catalog from default catalog database.
System Component Catalog Database - Finds the catalog from the System Component (Driver) catalog database.
Catalog Database GUID - Provide a GUID to identify the catalog in the catalog database.
Catalog File - Specify the catalog file.
OS Version - Use the operating system version to verify the file. The format for this value needs to be passed in the following way: PlatformId:MajorVersion:MinorVersion.BuildNumber (build number is optional).

 Note: This option can only be used when one of the options above is used.

Verbose Output - Self Explanatory.
Default Authentication Verification Policy - Self Explanatory.

 Note: Cannot be used with the Verification Policy GUID option.

Warning If Signature Not Time Stamped - Self Explanatory.
Verification Policy GUID - Specify the GUID that matches the Action Id of the verification policy to be used.

 Note: Cannot be used with the Default Authentication Verification Policy option.

Subject Name of Root Certificate - Specify the subject name of the root certificate that the signing certificate must link to.


For more information on Signtool see MSDN.