Sort Text List Action


The Sort Text List allows you to sort a list of items or the text in a file using various algorithms in either ascending or descending order.




Text to sort - choose either a text file or enter a text list to sort


File - select a text file to sort
Text List - enter a list of text to sort.  If the items you want to sort are in a variable, then enter the variable (eg. %MyItems%) and make sure the Expand Variables option is checked.  To sort a list of variables, turn off the Expand Variables option.


Sort Algorithm - select the sorting algorithm to use to sort your list.  Select to sort the list in ascending order or descending order.


Natural Sort - sort order similar to how Windows Explorer sorts files (not case sensitive and numbers are treated as such)
ASCII sort - basic ASCII sorting (not case sensitive)
ASCII case sensitive sort - exactly that
Random - items are randomly ordered, using the Fisher-Yates shuffle (see:


Output Variable


The sorted text list will be output to the selected variable.  To write the items to a file, use the Write to Text File action and specify the variable name as the contents.