Spell Checking


[FinalBuilder Professional Edition]


The Spell Check action allows you to check a text file for any spelling errors (ie. unknown words).




Select the source to check spelling of:


Text File - specify a text file


FileSet - specify a FileSet to use.  Make sure that only text files are included in the FileSet


Text - enter text to check.  You may use variables here which will be expanded first.







Fail if unknown words found - setting this will fail the action if one or more words are unknown


Write unknown words to file - Any unique unknown words found will be appended to the specified text file.  The file will be created if it doesn't exists.


Log unknown words - each unique unknown word will be written to the log



Words to Ignore


Ignore HTML/XML tags - this will ignore words inside "<" ">" tags.  eg. <speeling>errror</speeling> will only test the word "errror" and ignore "speeling"


Ignore words containing numbers - this will ignore words like "3ware"


Ignore URLs and e-mail addresses - this ignores words that start with an internet protocol like "http://" and also words that contain the @ symbol.


Ignore fully uppercase words - this will ignore words like "SHOUT"


Ignore words from text file - each line of the file is interpreted as a word and will be ignored


Custom dictionary - you may specify other Addict dictionaries to use.  See here for other dictionaries: http://www.addictivesoftware.com/dicts-extern.htm


Ignore Specified words - add other words to ignore, one line per word