SQL Server Restore Database


[FinalBuilder Professional Edition]


The SQL Server Restore Database action enables you to restore a SQL database from a disk or tape drive.






Database Name

The name of the database to restore to.


Restore From File

The path of the backup file to be restored. The path must be accessible by SQL Server.


Restore From Tape

The name of the tape drive to restore the database from, i.e. '\\.\TAPE0'.


Set Database to Single User Mode while Restoring

The database will be set to single user mode before the restore procedure starts, then changed back to multi-user once completed.


Replace Existing Database

Forces SQL Server to create the specified database and related files even if a database with an existing name already exists.


Restart a backup restore that was previously interrupted

If a previous restore attempt was interrupted, SQL Server will restore from the point where the last attempt was interrupted.


Restrict access to restored database

Restricts access to the newly restored database to members of the db_owner, dbcreator and sysadmin roles.