SSH Open Connection


The SSH Open Connection action opens a connection to a SSH server. This connection can then be used by the SSH Execute Command and SSH Close Connection actions.




Connection Name

A name for the connection.



The IP address or URL for the server.



The port that the SSH server is listening to


Server Fingerprint

This is the MD5 hash of the server's public RSA key. It is used to validate that the server you are connected to is the one that are are expecting to connect to.

To get the fingerprint, you can:

On the SSH server, run ssh-keygen -lf /etc/ssh/
Tick the "Set from server if null" box. The first time the action connects to the server, it will store the sever's fingerprint for you


User Name

The user name to authenticate with. This is required



Either the password for the user or the password for the private key file, if one is specified


Private Key File

A PuTTY-formatted private key file. If password protected, the password for the file must be specified in the "Password" field. NB if a key file is specified it will be used. If no key file is specified, username/password will be used.


Shell Type

You must choose a shell type that is installed on the SSH server. This allows the interactive prompt to be removed from the server's responses.


Connect Timeout

The amount of time (in ms) that the action should wait for the server to connect. If set too low, the connection may fail, or the setting of the shell type may fail. If you are seeing "garbage" characters in the output from commands, try changing shell types and/or increasing the timeout.


Verbose logging

Enable verbose logging