Stack/Queue Push Item


[FinalBuilder Professional Edition]


The Stack/Queue Push Item action is used to push one or more items into the list.




Stack/Queue name - select the name of the list which you want to add new items to.  If there aren't any items in this list, you need to use the Stack/Queue Define action to create a new list.


Expand variables before push - if you specify variables as part of the text to push, eg. %MyVariable% then selecting this option will expand the variables before the item is pushed onto the list.


Push a separate item for each line - this option allows you to choose if you want a new item on the list for each line, or if you want multi-line items.  In the above example, a separate item will be pushed on the queue for "a", "b", and "c".  If this option was unchecked, a single item "a<crlf>b<crlf>c<crlf>" would be pushed onto the queue.


The Item - specify the item(s) to be pushed onto the list in the memo box