String Concatenation


The String Concatenation action allows you to join two strings together.




String to add

The string that will be added to the input string.


Beginning of String

The string will be added to the beginning of the input string.


End of String

The string will be added to the end of the input string.


Specify Index

The string will be added after the specified number of characters. If the specified value is longer then the input string, the string will be added to the end.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property  InputString                : string;        // The input string, if not using a variable

 property  OutputVariable        : string;        // The Output Variable name

 property  ApplyToInput        : boolean;        // Apply the changes to the input variable, only valid if using an input variable

 property  UsingInputVariable        : boolean;        // True if using an input variable, not input string

 property  InputVariable        : string;        // Input variable name


 property  StringToAdd                : string;        // The string to add

 property  UseIndex                : boolean;        // True to specify the index, otherwise false.

 property  InsertIndex                : string;        // The index to insert the string at

 property  InsertToLeft                : boolean;        // True to insert at the beginning, false to insert at the end.