String Padding


The String Padding action allows you to pad a string to a specified length.




Pad Character

The character that is used to pad the string.


Pad Length

The required length of the string. If the specified value is shorter then the input string, no change will be made.


Pad Direction

Padding left will insert the pad character to the beginning of the string as many times as needed to make the required length. Padding right will insert the character at the end of the string.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property  InputString                : string;        // The input string, if not using a variable

 property  OutputVariable        : string;        // The Output Variable name

 property  ApplyToInput        : boolean;        // Apply the changes to the input variable, only valid if using an input variable

 property  UsingInputVariable        : boolean;        // True if using an input variable, not input string

 property  InputVariable        : string;        // Input variable name


 property  PadCharacter        : string;        // The character used to pad

 property  PadLength                : string;        // The length to pad the string to

 property  PadLeft                : boolean;        // True to pad to the left, otherwise false