String Replace


The String Replace action enables you to replace either all occurrences or the first occurrence of a string, with a new string.


Note: For more advanced text replacement options, see the Text Find / Replace Action.





Search String

The string to find within the input.


Replacement String

The string used to replace found string.


Replace All

This options will force the action to iterate over the entire input string, until no matches are found. By default this action will only replace the first match.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property  InputString                : string;        // The input string, if not using a variable

 property  OutputVariable        : string;        // The Output Variable name

 property  ApplyToInput        : boolean;        // Apply the changes to the input variable, only valid if using an input variable

 property  UsingInputVariable        : boolean;        // True if using an input variable, not input string

 property  InputVariable        : string;        // Input variable name


 property  SearchString        : string;        // String to search for

 property  ReplacementString        : string;        // The replacement string

 property  CaseSensitive        : boolean;        // True to perform case sensitive search, otherwise false

 property  ReplaceAll                : boolean;        // True to iterate through entire string, otherwise false