String Reverse


The String Reverse action enables you to reverse a string. The string can be reversed by words or letters.




Reverse by Word

The input string will be reversed by words.

Example: "one two three four five" will become "five four three two one"


Reverse by Letter

The input string will be reversed by letters.

Example: "0123456789" will become "9876543210"


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property  InputString                : string;        // The input string, if not using a variable

 property  OutputVariable        : string;        // The Output Variable name

 property  ApplyToInput        : boolean;        // Apply the changes to the input variable, only valid if using an input variable

 property  UsingInputVariable        : boolean;        // True if using an input variable, not input string

 property  InputVariable        : string;        // Input variable name


 property  ReverseByWord        : boolean;        // True to reverse by Words, otherwise false