String SubString


The String SubString action enables you to extract part of a string, where it can be used in subsequent actions.




Specify Position

The action will extract a specified number of characters from the beginning or end of the string.


Specify String

This option allows you to extract part of a string between two set characters or words.

Example: Input string "one two three four" extracting between "one" and "four" will return " two three "


Include Search String

This option determines wether the output string includes the search words.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property  InputString                : string;        // The input string, if not using a variable

 property  OutputVariable        : string;        // The Output Variable name

 property  ApplyToInput        : boolean;        // Apply the changes to the input variable, only valid if using an input variable

 property  UsingInputVariable        : boolean;        // True if using an input variable, not input string

 property  InputVariable        : string;        // Input variable name


 property  Left                                : boolean;        // True to extract from the beginning, false to extract from the end

 property  Length                        : string;        // Length to extract

 property  CharacterStart                : string;        // Start string to find

 property  CharacterEnd                : string;        // End string to find

 property  HasSpecifiedIndex                : boolean;        // True to specify index, otherwise false

 property  HasIncludedSearchWord        : boolean;        // True to include search word in the output, otherwise false

 property  FailIfStringNotFound        : boolean;        // True to fail if string is not found, otherwise false