Subversion Switch


The Subversion Switch action moves a working copy to a different URL.




The Switch action is complex and can have serious consequences. Read the Subversion documentation before using this action.


Work Folder: The location the command is run from.


Relocate: Used when the location of the repository itself has moved. Corresponds to the --relocate command line argument.


Source: The old location of the repository, if using the Relocate option.


Revision: The repository reversion to switch to. See Subversion Actions for information on the format.


Destination: The URL to switch to.


Path: The path to the working copy being switched. Can be specified as a relative path from the work folder. See Subversion Actions for more information about the Work Folder and Path fields.


User Name/Password: User name and password if using authentication


General Options: See Subversion Actions for more information.