Subversion Commit


The Subversion Commit action saves changes from a working copy to the repository. Only files and folders under version control are affected. To add files to version control, use the Subversion Add action.




Work Folder: The base working copy where items to commit are found.


Path: Optional. Specifies a space-separated list of folders and files within the working copy to commit. For example, "changes.txt src/source1.c" would commit only the changes.txt file in the root folder, and the source1.c file in the src folder. If left blank, all modifications found within the working copy are committed.


Note: See Subversion Actions for more information about the Work Folder and Path fields.


User Name/Password: Username and password, if using authentication.


Comment: Required. Message describing the changes, to be saved with commit in Subversion.


General Options: See Subversion Actions for more information.