Surround SCM Global Options



The Surround SCM Global Options allow you to set up your FinalBuilder integration with default options for any Surround SCM actions used in any build, as well as the path to the Surround SCM command line interface (this is what FinalBuilder uses to perform the Surround SCM actions).




Access the Global Options for Surround via the Tools->Options menu in FinalBuilder.  Then select the Version Control System category, and finally the Surround item.


FinalBuilder will attempt to auto detect the sscm.exe location - if the Surround sscm.exe Location is blank, then specify the location of sscm.exe.


You can specify both the default server and user credentials for all the Surround SCM actions.  Either specify the specific values, or use the Surround SCM defaults (in this case no values will be specified on the command line).  Note that in the any Surround SCM action, you can either use the global options specified here, or override the values.