Team Foundation Create Workspace



The Team Foundation Create Workspace action allows you to create a new workspace for a repository on a specified Team Foundation Server. A workspace is a local copy of the files and folders on the server as well as the changes that you have made on locally.






Create Workspace


Team Foundation Server

The Team Foundation Server which the workspace is being created for.


New Workspace Name

The name to give to the new workspace once it's created.


Workspace Owner

The username of the owner of the workspace, this field is only required when the workspace owner is not the person who's credentials are being used.



Template Workspace (Optional)


Template Workspace

The name of the existing workspace to use as a template, mappings of the existing workspace will be used in the new workspace.


Workspace Owner

The username of the owner of the template workspace.



Create on Remote Computer


Computer Name

The name of the computer on which to create the workspace.