Team Coherence Create View



Create a new View in the repository.




If you want the view to only apply to certain projects, then you must specify them in the Projects section.


Shared View - Shared Views are available to all users connected to a repository, however shared views can only be created by Admin users.


Base view on version - Specify the version which the view will be based on.


Base view on promotion level - Specify the predefined promotion level to base the view on. Promotional views are used to view all files at a particular level in the promotional hierarchy. Users can get a read-only copy of all the files at a particular promotional level but cannot modify them.


More about TC Views, from the TC help file:


A View is perhaps the most powerful tool available in Team Coherence when it comes to managing multiple versions of a project. At their simplest, Views allow you to filter which projects, files, and revisions are displayed in Version Manager.


Working with previous versions of a project then simply becomes a case of selecting a View. Once defined and selected, as far as the user is concerned they will be working on the latest version of the project. All branching, synchronizing, reassignment of Version Labels, etc are handled automatically by Team Coherence whether working through Version Manager, or your selected IDE interface.


In addition, if required, the default working path for the files in any View can be different for each View, or can be based on the <default> View.