Team Foundation Add



Use the Team Foundation Add action to add new file(s) to the repository.


The added files will appear as "pending changes" to the repository and need to be checked in before they become permanent.






Working Folder


Specify a working folder for the action. The working folder specifies the context for the Team Foundation server, project and repository (working folders can be configured in Visual Studio or with the Map Working Folder Action.) You can use the default working folder from the Options, or a specific folder for the action.



Files and Directories to Add


Specify the local paths of files and directories to add. The files will need to be already copied somewhere inside the working folder. Use the Copy Files(s) (or Copy/Move File List) actions if necessary.



Lock new items


The new items can be automatically locked against check out (preventing others from checking them out) or check in (preventing others from checking in new versions) until you check in pending changes.