Team Foundation Branch



Use the Team Foundation Branch action to create a new branch based on file(s) or directories. The branch will not become permanent until a Check In Pending Changes operation takes place.





File/Folder to Branch



Source file : Specify the file/directory to branch. Use wildcards (*) to specify multiple files.


Destination : Specify a file, or a folder, to branch to. If you specify a Team Foundation Source Control folder, the branched files will be created inside it.


"Immediately Get a copy of the branched file..."


Check this option to automatically retrieve a copy of the branched file.


Version to branch


Instead of branching from the latest version of the file, you can choose to label a specific version. Versions can be selected by changeset number, label, a specific workspace or a specific date.



Locked branched file(s)


Check this option to lock the branched files against check in or check out by other users, before the pending changes are checked in.