Team Foundation Undelete



Use the Undelete Action to undelete a previously deleted file. Note that, if the delete has not yet been checked in, you can undelete the file simply by using Undo Pending Changes followed by Get. The undelete will not become permanent until a Check In Pending Changes operation takes place.




Working Folder


Specify a working folder for the action. The working folder specifies the context for the Team Foundation server, project and repository (working folders can be configured in Visual Studio or with the Map Working Folder Action.) You can use the default working folder from the Options, or a specific folder for the action.


File or directory to undelete


Specify a file or directory to undelete. Specify multiple files with wildcards (ie *.)



Undelete Options


"Get a copy of the deleted file into the local workspace folder" will automate a Get operation following the undelete.


"Undelete with a new name" can give the newly undeleted file a new name.



Lock Type


The new file can be locked until a check in or unlock operation occurs.