Team Foundation Unshelve Pending Changes



Use the Unshelve Pending Changes action to unshelve a previously shelved changeset, bringing the changed files back into the current working folder. Note that unshelved changes still need to be checked in before the changes enter the repository.





Working Folder


Specify a working folder for the action. The working folder specifies the context for the Team Foundation server, project and repository (working folders can be configured in Visual Studio or with the Map Working Folder Action.) You can use the default working folder from the Options, or a specific folder for the action.



Shelveset Name


Specify the name of the shelveset to unshelve. Click on the dropdown to see a list of current shelveset names associated with the working folder.


"Different Owner"


Use this option to unshelve changes which were shelved by a different user.


"Remove shelveset after adding to workspace"


Check this option to remove the shelveset after the changes have been moved into the local workspace.


Pending Changes to Unshelve


You can choose to unshelve all changes associated with a shelveset, or only changes made to specific files. Specify each file or directory on a new line. Use wildcards to specify groups of files.