Tray Icon


FinalBuilder can optionally show in the System Tray:




The FinalBuilder Tray Icon provides the following menu on Right-Click:




Show FinalBuilder [ <project> ] - This will restore FinalBuilder if it is minimised.  The current open project name is shown in brackets.


Run <project> - This will start the build.


Stop - Stops the build


Open Recent Project - This allows you to open a project from the MRU (Most Recently Used) list of FinalBuilder projects.


Exit - Closes FinalBuilder


To change the System Tray settings:




System Tray:


Always show in System Tray - The tray icon will show at all times, regardless of the windows state (Minimised, Maximised, etc)


Minimize to System Tray - When minimised, FinalBuilder will not show on the task bar or the task manager, but will show on the system tray. To restore it, double click the tray icon.


The Tray Icon will also display the state of the build:


fbicon 16x16 - FinalBuilder is currently idle


stsRunning - build is currently running


stsCompleted - build completed successfully


stsError - build completed with an error


stsValidationFailed - build failed validation


stsPaused - build is paused