UCM Change Stream


Use this action to change properties of a UCM stream.


For full details of the chstream command, see the ClearCase manual page (type cleartool man chstream.)







Specify the stream and the stream's base project VOB.



Generate Default recommended baselines


Optionally, you can set the recommended baselines to their recommended defaults (based on the promotion level criteria.)



Recommend the following baselines


Specify a full list of recommended baselines for the stream, in the form baseline@vob-selector. Click on the dropdown menu to see a list of baselines created in the specified stream.


Click 'Add' to add the baseline name from the combo box, or 'Remove' to delete the currently selected baseline.



Clear Recommended Baselines


Remove all recommended baselines for this stream.





Stream Policies


Specify one or more policies to enable or disable. It is possible to both enable and disable different policies in the same comment.


If you want to specify more than one policy to enable or disable, separate each with a comma (no spaces.)



Default Deliver Target


This option is for integration streams only. You can specify a new deliver stream for the integration stream, or alternative clear the default deliver stream.



Regenerate the stream config spec


If this option is checked, it forces the stream to regenerate and reevaluate its config spec.