Visual C++ 6 Action



This action provides the ability to build Visual C++ 6 projects and Workspaces. You can choose to build/rebuild/clean all projects in a workspace or selected projects. You can also choose the Configuration to be used (this configuration must exist in all projects in the workspace).




Project/Workspace - enter the name of your project or workspace.  The project/workspace types allowed are Visual Studio project file (.dsp), Visual Studio Workspace (.dsw), Embedded VC++ 4.x Workspace (.vcw) or Embedded VC++ 4.x Project (.vcp).


Configuration/Build All - If Build All Configurations is not selected, then enter the name of the configuration you want to build


Action - Choose to Build, Rebuild or Clean the project


CE Config - If building an embedded workspace or project, enter the Config to use


Use Environment Variables for C++ Paths -Use PATH, INCLUDE, LIBPATH, and LIB environment variables instead of IDE paths for VC++ builds.


Expand Variables in Project/Workspace File - By default FinalBuilder variables aren't expanded for the Project/Workspace files, turning this option on will expand variables.


Don't Recurse - Only valid for embedded projects, turning this on will build the specified project configurations without building any dependent projects


Apply to Project - you may choose to build all projects in the workspace, or build only selected projects



FinalBuilder can also update the version info in the project. It does this by searching the .rc files in the project for a VERSIONINFO structure. At runtime it will backup the original xxxx.rc file to xxxx.rc.orig and generate a new one with the updated version info. You can choose to apply the version info to all projects or selected projects in the workspace (the list of projects is dependant on what is selected on the project/workspace tab). To Auto Increment the build number, make sure the Auto-Increment check box is checked.




Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


  property ProjectFile      : string;

  property Configuration    : string;

  property UseEnv           : boolean;

  property BuildAction      : TVC6BuildAction; Valid values are : baBuild,baRebuild and baClean.


   The BuildType property determines whether All or selected projects in a workspace are built.

  property BuildType        : TVC6BuildType; Valid values are : btAllProjects and btSelectedProjects


   The ConfigType property determines which configurations are built, Selected or All Configurations

  property ConfigType       : TVC6ConfigType; Valid values are : ctSelected,ctAll


  property SelectedProjects : TStrings; //The selected projects that will be built.

  property SelectedVI       : TStrings; // the projects the version info will be applied to.

  property VIType           : TVC6VIType; Valid Values are : viAllProjects,viSelectedProjects //determines whether version info will be applied to all or selected projects in the workspace.



  property InvokeMacro      : string;

  property IncludeVerInfo   : boolean;

  property AutoIncBuild     : boolean;

  property MajorVersion     : integer;

  property MinorVersion     : integer;

  property ReleaseVersion   : integer;

  property BuildVersion     : integer;

  property IsDebug          : boolean;

  property IsPreRelease     : boolean;

  property IsSpecial        : boolean;

  property IsPrivate        : boolean;

  property IsDLL            : boolean;

  property Locale           : integer;

  property CodePage         : integer;

  property VersionInfoKeys : WideString; // in the format :

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