Windows Workflow (TFS 2010)


In order to support the Workflow Foundation build technology used by Team Foundation Server 2010,  FinalBuilder 7 ships with a custom TFS Workflow activity and two XAML build templates, which are located in <FinalBuilderInstallDir>\TFS Templates:


FinalBuilderBuild.xaml : replaces the build and test processes in the default TFS template with a call out to FinalBuilder. This template uses TFS to create the workspace, get the code out of source control (including the FinalBuilder project) and otherwise set up the Build Agent. It then calls FinalBuilder and runs the project you have specified.
FinalBuilderPostBuild.xaml : runs FinalBuilder at the end of the default TFS template. TFS is used to build and test the solution and the FinalBuilder project is run afterwards to do any post-build operations. It allows you to easily extend the TFS build with FinalBuilder, taking advantage of all of its built-in actions


In both cases the output from FinalBuilder will appear in the TFS build log. If the FinalBuilder build fails, the TFS build will also fail.


To get started, you need to

Add the FinalBuilder templates to TFS
Create a FinalBuilder project that uses TFS data
Make your project accessible to TFS, and
Configure and Queue a Build


It is assumed that you have TFS installed and configured, and are comfortable using it.