WiX Compiler (candle.exe)



This action provides an interface to the WiX compiler (candle.exe.) The compiler compiles .wxs source files to .wixobj object files, which are then linked by the WiX Linker (light.exe)





Source Files


Specify one or more .wxs files to compile. For information on the .wxs format, see the 'doc' directory of your WiX installation.





Output can be delivered to the default directory or a specific object file. Alternatively, the source files can just be parsed and no object files generated.






Pedantic Checks


Specifies how closely the compiler should check source file syntax. "Legendary" is more pedantic than "Heroic", and "Heroic" is more pedantic than "Easy" (the names correspond to the command line options.)



Show Warning Messages


Warning messages will be recorded in the FinalBuilder log.



Fail on Warnings


Warnings will be treated as errors and the build will stop if any occur.



Verbose Output


More progress data will be logged (useful for debugging.)



Suppress copyright header


The WiX copyright header will not be displayed. Useful for a smaller log size.



Additional Command-Line Arguments


Type any additional command line arguments that you want to pass to WiX.