WMI Process Iterator


[FinalBuilder Professional Edition]


The WMI process iterator allows you to iterate through a list of processes running on any Windows machine. Each process can be identified by it's process ID or name. The list of processes can be filtered to match an executable name or regular expression.


For general information about iterators, click here.






Computer Name


Enter '.' to browse the local host, otherwise enter the name of a computer on the local network. Press the Load button to load a list of computers into the drop down menu.





Credentials are only used if browsing remote computers and are not needed if you have access via a Windows NT Domain.



Variable To Set


Specify a FinalBuilder variable to set on each iteration. To add a new variable, go to Tools -> Edit Variables.


The variable can be set to either the Process ID of each process, the Name of each process or the Executable Path of each process.


Note: When setting via Executable Path, system processes (which have no executable path) will not be iterated.



String Matching


The iterator can be set to iterate only processes whose names match a certain substring. The substring can be a full executable name, or a part of one. String matching is case insensitive.


Alternatively, the string can be matched as a Regular Expression.



Fail if no processes are found


If this option is selected, the action will fail outright if no processes are found which match the chosen criteria.